Adaptability in a Changing World

by  EL Ha Gahn  

We are living in a world that is constantly changing right before our very eyes. We are witnessing a change in the atmosphere. The weather patterns are different than they've ever been. So many new technologies are impacting the environment like microwave cell towers, airplane chem trails, carbon monoxide, nuclear waste, advanced pesticides, and genetic modification of our food supply. Of course, the Earth's axis has shifted in the last 50 years which can account for some of the changes in the weather patterns, like when you notice freezing in semi tropical regions (Georgia, Texas, Alabama for example). Then, we are seeing tropical storm patterns in the temperate zones; and some of the tropical zones are seeing desert type drought patterns. On the human side, greedy corporations have taken it upon themselves to try and control the whole food supply, use up all the rain forests, and export war and famine while over regulating people's lives to the point where freedom and  civil liberties cannot be taken for granted.

The changes are coming about so rapidly and so intensively that it will affect all of us in some way, shape, or form. So on a personal note, one needs to be extra alert and be very mindful of where to gain support in living, in sanity, in sanctity, spirituality, health, family and society. We need to begin having deeper conversations with each other as to what will be our future and how together we could arrive there safely while having a peaceful place for our children and their children to grow and be all right. We need to look more carefully at the plant world and how they have supported us all of our lives. We can take examples from the plants and trees on how to live peacefully amongst one another while providing shade, shelter, oxygen and food for the other creatures as well as humans on the earth. We need to be more kind to plants, animals, and each other so that with a renewed sensitivity we could really begin addressing the problems on the planet that have gotten so out of hand. If we converse intensively enough and often enough it will begin to be heard and comprehended on a scale large enough to effect positive change. In the meantime, try to become as strong as you can, as intelligent as you can, and as healthy as you can while paying careful attention to everything and every situation that helps to shape and improve you. Spend time and energy learning about healing and try your best to eat more foods that were grown naturally and authentically as opposed to man-made substances for eating. I pray that this commentary will give you some inspiration to go forward and make a positive difference in the lives that you touch.

Blessings to you always

EL Ha Gahn