Boosting Our Necessary Awareness

by El Ha Gahn

We are living in rigorous times. There is much confusion in the atmosphere as well as all kinds of sickness. We are daily faced with imbalances of all kinds. Particularly imbalance in the Chemistry of the Earth, seas, air, rivers and lakes as well as the food supply. Imbalance breeds more imbalance. It is well known by all that there is increasing corruption amongst governments, industries and commercial concerns. That corruption is causing the formation of policies which further imbalance the quality of life on this planet. 

Fortunately, the earth is able to offer us a repetitive support system that has been in place since the beginning of time. That is, the base elements and compounds that are essential to life and the sustaining thereof are in the ground itself. The transfer agents for these compounds, which we call minerals or nutrients are the trees, shrubs, herbs, plants, algae and various types of mushrooms. It is imperative that we set ourselves on the path of learning as much as we can about the plant, algae and mushroom kingdoms; for they that know and understand the value of these things and can benefit from their virtues. There are many who use this knowledge to keep themselves healthy as well as economically fit. In order to get this world back into some sense of meaningful balance it's going to take a lot of us thinking correctly while maintaining a wholesome body chemistry. So in this matter we cannot be lazy. We have to consume proper amount of water. We have to have fluent elimination. We have to exercise. We have to be forgiving. We have to be understanding and aware of the nature of everything that surrounds us. We have to be mindful of what affects us and how. We have to eat carefully and wisely and be willing to re-evaluate our habits. We need to develop the ability to clean up stagnant and unproductive thought. We need to carefully cultivate wisdom which is the knowledge of how to use knowledge. Yes, there is a lot of work to do yet it is well within our capability if we shall eagerly take up the challenge. We must learn also to mind our tongue and to say the right thing at the right time. Also it is good to be quiet when the right thing to say is not apparent.

Gaining the level of knowledge that we need is an ongoing process. It is not enough to attend one seminar or read a book on the subject. Constant exposure to the ideas, people and projects that are involved in “living skills awareness”is key.

Some of the types of activities we can expose ourselves and our children to are: visits to botanical gardens, zoo, natural history Museums, community gardens, nature centers, horticultural centers, farming co-ops, permaculture groups, arborists, wildlife centers, local farms, programs on sustainability and reading every material that you can on these and other related subjects. Further 

awareness can be gained through attending nature walks, herbal tours, mushroom festivals, state and county fairs, green conferences etc.

There are also some advantages we have by living in modern times like the Internet for example, will we can read articles and information on the aforementioned subjects. YouTube is actually a tremendous resource for learning about everything. Also here is a link leading to much valuable information in all these fields .

In addition to looking more into the world of things that grow I would encourage you to look at the world of geology and the study of rocks and land. That would also lean towards the fields of lapidary, rock collecting, Crystalology, crystallography, oceanography, forestry, waterways, mountains and volcanoes.

On the other side of the spectrum we would be well advised to study natural health and healing or at least get exposed to a working knowledge of those subjects to help maintain our own personal health and longevity as well as having true understanding to pass to future generations.

El Ha Gahn