Caution In Health Diet

by El Ha Gahn 

I feel that there are too many people reading about the glorified value of different types of diets. But not enough study is being put in by individuals to understand the nutritional needs of different types of bodies - and in particular what is needed for a child's proper growth, i.e. the development of healthy bones and tissues. You can't live a healthy life off of theory. You better know what you are doing, and if not, access somebody who does. There are enough experts out here at this time that can be reached directly that will help you gain the proper understanding, or at least, guide you to the resources that are necessary to help you make efficient choices.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making now days is just openly trusting that their food supply is wholesome. If you are not growing the food yourself or it's not being grown by people whom you can personally vouch for their integrity, then you really don't know what you have there. Just because it's " organic “ does not mean that it's not a hybrid; nor does it mean it's not genetically modified. It also doesn't say anything about the quality of the nutritional content; nor what kind of soil it was grown in. Commercially grown food does not represent a ticket to health.

Concerning a raw diet, it is actually better if you live in or at the Garden -  a place where there is rich naturally composted soil;  and that diet needs to be a good balance between"bitter", "bland" and sweet. The bitter plants are higher in alkaloids which bring you more towards an alkaline balance, thus, keeping your bloodstream more healthy. And these are only some small considerations. I find that most modern people do not know enough about the herbs, exercise, type and volume of water consumption, proper exposure to the sun, or healthy breathing technique. And these are just a few points that need to be considered by a person intending to keep themselves and their families in a good state of health.

We also need to take into consideration that changing times bring changing technologies which introduced new poisons into the environment. Every time that happens a corresponding change in the diet pattern has to take place as a countermeasure. The thing that I would ask and like to see take place is that all persons make a sincere effort to search far and wide to gain the knowledge that would save their lives. Going on by your theory or your" feelings" is not responsible behavior. 

The other thing for a person to do is pay careful attention to what each thing that they take in does to them. No changes after five minutes, after a half-hour, after three hours and then for that day. Make a special note of those observations. Each thing that enables your energy and sense of inner strength is a food. Each thing that robs you of energy or makes you tired and sluggish or lethargic is not a food for you. A simple test, yes, but highly valuable. So, in life be more careful, but be proactive.