GMO is different than Hybrid

by El Ha Gahn 

The cross breeding of Plants and Animals dates back as far as Kemet (Ancient Egypt).  In fact,  there are early references to it in the Bible. Genesis 30:35-43 which spoke of Jacob selectively breeding animals for certain traits, gives us an example from those times.

The baby boom generation remembers that tomatoes were not meaty like they are now but they had big holes inside them and had a million seeds. They also grew on long running vines and not stalks. They were scientifically bred to stalks so that tractors could cultivate around the plants for faster and greater yields. Beans plants that were all vines (poll beans) were scientifically bred into stalks also called bush beans. Likewise tomatoes were all vine plants. Now they are more like individual mini trees. The trend to change the plants over started around 1954. Of course when this is done some of the nutrient value is lost but still edible. Cross breeding is mostly done for commercial appeal (to look more appetizing at the market place. Most of the foods on our tables now are actually hybrid. Even so this method relies on certain natural tendencies to influence the species alteration.

On the other hand GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is done by manipulating the atomic and molecular structure of the RNA and DNA of the Plant or Animal to be altered Strictly for commercial purposes. These methods include use of Atomic Radiation, Chemical modification or introduction of a self perpetuating virus that causes all the cells to develop differently than their natural structure. Therefore, the nutrient inclusions that we expect from whatever species it is will be very different than what is was originally. One good example is wheat, which used to be about 25 feet tall. In modifying it to the 3 foot tall plant that we know today, it carries a protein that is extremely hard to digest. Our bodies simply don't recognize it. Most of the time after eating it you are still hungry. Ultimately it will genetically modify your body (You are what you eat). It will be hard to stay well on a diet of GMO substances.

El Ha Gahn