Summer Time

A time for planting and growing

At this time of year is a great time to start seeds or seedlings for many wonderful foods like:

Corn Artichokes Beans Basil Broccli Cabbage Tomatoes Peppers Onions Amaranth Thyme Oregano Sage Lettuce Swiss Chard Daikons Cellery Bok Choy String beans Garlic Potatoes Yams Kale Collards Strawberries Savoy Okra Carrots Peas Cauliflower Sunflowers to name a few.

You can also buy plant sets which are young plants that have already been started. This will get your garden up and running faster and you'll be able to enjoy the harvest sooner. As the price of food keeps Skyrocketing all of your efforts at doing your own gardening will really make a difference in your economic outlook as well.

El Ha Gahn