What we must do to Prepare a better Future

by El Ha Gahn

The times are such that we all need to step up our game plan in order to maintain the strength and sanity to really survive into the future. The challenges we face now days require the best wisdom we can come up with. As we learn we must also teach so that the strength of what we know can be expanded amongst those who will use it to inspire action and help build positive momentum for mankind. This is not a time to sit silent and let all of the craziness and madness go on unchecked. We need to speak about it and write about it along with solutions we feel would bring about a change. Don't underestimate your power as one person. Remember that every giant Oak came out of  a tiny acorn.

Every change in the development of important human growth started as a small seed with a couple of people agreeing on an idea and them sharing it with others. Before you know it a movement has started. We need to be more actively committed to seeing what is right come into manifestation. I believe very firmly that we weren't put here to watch the world go down in ruin. 

The Wisdom trail encourages all able bodied and able minded people of all ages to continually develop new skills in different areas so that they will have more value to share with each other to build a better world. The world is shaped by ideas. As you share your ideas you get feedback good, bad, or indifferent. Perhaps you are one who has been put down a lot so, therefore, are not so inclined to share what you think any more. But consider this. In a delicious well made soup can your tongue determine which is the most important ingredient? Of course not. It is the sum total of the ingredients that has made that soup what it is. Part of your own growth is seeing what works and what does not.  It is going to take a lot of deep thinking and a lot of thought comparison as well as trying many new approaches to come up with the appropriate models for future living for us and our posterity.